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  1. Procurement, Processing and export of variety of agriculture and horticulture commodities.

  2. Exported Mangoes, Pomegranates, Grapes, Drumsticks, Watermelon, Red split lentils, Niger seeds, Coconuts, Onion, Potato, Chillies, Garlic, Coriander, Sugar and other fruits and vegetables to Singapore, Srilanka, Middle East, U.S.A, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Turkey, Maldives, Mauritius, Europe etc.

  3. Signed MOU with University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore for ‘Development of high yielding Lustrous and Bold seeded varieties with high oil content in Niger seeds’.

  4. Procurement of good quality Agri found variety of Bangalore Rose Onion and Agri Found Light red onion seeds from The National Horticultural Research & Development Foundation and distribution to farmers of the State.

  5. Creation of awareness among the farmers about growing export quality produce. KAPPEC in consultation with the scientists of IIHR, UAS, Bangalore and the senior officials of Department of Horticulture had organized seminars, workshops, and study tours in the growing areas of grapes, Mango, Bangalore Rose Onion, and Pomegranates etc for the benefit of farmers.

  6. Published a booklet titled package of practices for growing export quality grapes with the assistance from the senior scientists at IIHR and distributed to grape growers/ Growers’ Association in Bijapur.

  7. Active involvement in the activities of the WTO cell established by Govt. of Karnataka.

  8. Assisting and guiding the budding entrepreneurs for undertaking exports of agriculture and horticulture commodities from Karnataka.

  9. Published a booklet titled package of practices for growing export quality Bangalore Rose Onion with the assistance from scientists at IIHR and distributed to farmers.

  10. Acting as the nodal agency for the implementation of Agri Export Zone for Gherkins and Bangalore Rose Onion in Karnataka.

  11. Acting as one of the State Trading Enterprises (canalizing Agency) appointed by the Govt. of India for the export of all varieties of onions from India.

  12. Involved in the creation of post harvest infrastructure facilities in various parts of State in a phased manner to facilitate the export of agriculture and horticulture exports.

  13. Encouraging joint ventures under Public Private Partnerships (PPP model) for the processing and value addition to agriculture and horticulture produce for the benefit of farmers.

  14. Participating in domestic and international exhibitions to showcase the potential of agriculture and horticulture commodities of Karnataka to increase exports.

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